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Publishing Projects


As well as pursuing his own research on the goat god Pan, Tim is currently mentoring several of his former students, and other independent researchers, who are working towards publication of their book projects. The topics range from a study of the eighteenth-century Rococo artist Thomas Robins, a monograph on the great Baroque architect and garden designer, Thomas Archer, a celebration of the elaborate gardens created for Queen Elizabeth I, entitled Gardens for Gloriana, a revisionist analysis of the importance of play and games in the Victorian and Edwardian garden, an architectural and cultural history of early social housing in London, a racy history of the Society of Dilettante, a guide to the elegaic eighteenth-century landscape at Hagley Park in Worcestershire, a book of architectural walks around Plymouth and a biography of the missionary and early plant hunter the Revd Thomas Birch Freeman to  a photographic and historical narrative of the 45 bridges that span waterways in Bristol set out as a continuous walk.

Rococo artist Thomas Robins in amorous conversation at Honington Hall, Warks

Thomas Archer's Baroque Garden Pavilion at Wrest Park, Bedfordshire

The Wanstead Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I


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